Updating Your Home’s Lighting

A home gets a lot of its character from its lighting. For example, the paint on walls is affected quite a lot depending on if you have natural light coming in or light from bulbs.

Most people don’t update their home’s lighting often enough to match the times or the new theme their rooms have undergone with time. With that said, we’ve got a list of different things you can do to get back on track and stick with the times.

Fluorescent, halogen, or LED lights.

We’ll get this out of the way first: all of your light bulbs should be one of these. These types of light bulbs are energy efficient and among the most eco-friendly bulbs out there. They’ll save you lots of money. They’ll last longer, meaning you go to the store less. And they’ll help to cut costs down on energy in general, which is healthier for the environment. No matter what else you do with your lighting situation, make sure to have these types of lights instead of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Edison bulbs.

Edison bulbs are all the rage right now. They give your home a sort of industrial look that’s reminiscent of a bygone era. And though you probably don’t want to hear the word, they’re what would be considered hip nowadays, meaning you’re a hipster. But don’t shy away from these bulbs just because you’d rather not be associated with that word. These bulbs bring character and class to whatever room you decide to put them in. The best part? They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and assortments to really let you hone in on the look you’re going for.


Some people may consider dimmers to be outdated and a thing of the ‘90s and early 2000s, but I’m here to say that’s simply not the case. Dimming lights are so useful for changing the mood of a room at whim. Sometimes, overhead lighting is just too much, too . . . clinical. Yet a single standing lamp doesn’t do the job and you’d rather have some lighting in the room. Having dimmers allows you to control exactly what you need in a room.

Track lighting.

Track lighting is unique in that multiple lights can be set up on a small rail, allowing them to typically be faced in opposing directions. This allows for more coverage from overhead lights than simply having one light huge and outdated light cover. These oftentimes come with the ability to be dimmed, as we mentioned above, so you can knock out two birds with one stone on this type of lighting.


Why invest in Affordable housing

For many, when they’re starting, you need to choose a focus. Lots of people are trying to make the most money possible, but sometimes, going to nice, affordable homes and such, it does make a good difference. You should consider going into affordable housing and adding value, since there are economic conditions for this. this article will discuss why you should consider invest in affordable housing.

There is first the income disparity and the wealth gap. While unemployment is low, median income hasn’t increased, and the gap between both the wealthy and the not so wealthy continues to grow. The middle class isn’t very great currently, and with the population squeezing out by either going to the upper class or poverty line, it’s definitely a sign that there needs to be a trend in the direction of affordable housing, since it’s actually supposed to increase more than anything with these conditions in place.

Then there is the supply and demand. They’re in tight supply with no signs of the supply increasing. Supply and demand will tell you that any tight supply and increased demand causes increased rents. Assets become more valuable, and increasing rents needs to be done responsibly since it does play a part in keeping up with the living costs and inflation as well. there isn’t any circumstance where this is justified period.

Then there is the new construction of affordable housing not being cost effective. There is new construction going up every single day. the caveat is that these aren’t happening with entry-level homes or apartments. Most of these are for those with lots of money, with luxury finishes and various amenities. These are often backed by institutional investors with capital that’s needed to give out. The calculations themselves will lead to the luxury areas in metropolitan places. It’s not economically feasible for builders to enter the affordable housing area. However, despite all of this, there is an increase for demand in this locale

Finally, there is recession resistant demand for rent becoming appealing. Lots of markets are cyclical. Real estate is the same way. There are various economic indicators that can show whether you’re near the top or the bottom. If there is a downturn, the affordable housing should remain strong, while those that aren’t so affordable might end up tanking. While predicting this isn’t really smart to do, in the downturn it’s logical that the asset class that’s most likely to experience strain is the one that has the most price fluctuation, which are the coastal ones and luxury properties, which is why affordable housing works well.

Now, when you go into affordable housing, you may realize that the living conditions are awful, although the rental demand was high. You can convert these with lots of updates and renovations, and with adding to these, you update the living conditions, and with this type of housing, tenant retention is often very high, because you’re taking care of this. It’s a type of real estate investing that gives you a personal pride in caring for others, and it gives an affordable sort of product. You’ll definitely feel good if you feel like wanting to go into this.

With these, you should make sure that you’re giving fair, affordable rent to the tenants that are there, and also doing the increases that will help make the property better. These are often a great value, and if you continue to increase the value of the place, you’ll definitely make a difference.

Now yes, at the beginning, it will probably become quite hard for you to start, and the renovations might be lengthy and extensive. But, if you’re able to keep this going, and you’re able to create the best properties for your business that you can have, and you can generate a great income. These tend to always be around, and with the market that you’re in, it’s worth checking out. This is certainly something that you will enjoy, and something that will certainly create a better result for you, and for your business in the long run.

Definitely do look into this if you want to figure out a market for your business.